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About us

Outline of the Foundation

Setagaya Arts Foundation was established in April 2003, with the development of high-quality art and culture in Setagaya as well as the support of residents' independent creative activities as its aims. Capitalizing on the expertise of each of six fields-stage, music, lifestyle design, international exchange, art, and literature-we provide and support creative, out-of-the-box cultural and artistic activities, from community-based activities to cultural exchange that crosses national borders.

Principal Activities


A theater that explores the possibilities of new performing arts, through production and performance activities centering on contemporary drama and dance, as well as free creation and participatory experiences by citizens. At the main Setagaya Public Theatre as well as the smaller Theatre Tram, we carry out various production and performance activities by bringing in specialized staff from the fields of production, arts, and technology. In addition, we conduct public awareness and personnel training activities, including many workshops and lectures for local residents.

[ Music ] "Seta-on" Setagaya Arts Foundation, Music Division

Based on the concept of "good music in your life," the foundation has planned many performances and other events for people to become more familiar with music. We offer a variety of musical performances for a wide range of generations, including concerts by musicians connected to Setagaya and those in which citizens can participate. By providing amateur musicians with opportunities to perform, including the Setagaya Junior Orchestra and appearances in concert following hands-on workshops, other aspects of music appeal-not just in listening to it-are expressed.

[ Life Design ] Lifestyle Design Center

Various programs such as exhibitions and workshops are carried out from a viewpoint of "lifestyle design." As we treasure experiencing the process of making, coming into contact with wisdom and technology that has been passed down throughout different areas of life, meeting people and conversing with them, we send out culture that's special to Setagaya. We propose creative work for every generation from children to adults, to discover true richness through the experience of seeing, touching, feeling, and thinking.

[ Intercultural cohesion ] Setagaya Intercultural Center (Crossing Setagaya)

Intercultural Center supports those from overseas with various backgrounds to lead a safe and happy life in Setagaya by providing useful infomation and a variety of opportunities for multicultural experiences and for meeting new friends.We provide Japanese people seeking international exchanges with information on various activities and gatherings.

[ Art ] Setagaya Art Museum

The museum holds a variety of attractive exhibitions, planned from a wide range of perspectives that go beyond established concepts of art, such as architecture and design, in addition to painting, sculpture, and crafts. Unbound by the framework of art, it provides a place to encounter art through various activities, such as art college and comprehensive programs for adults held throughout the year, in performance arts such as music, dance, and theater, as well as art appreciation classes for elementary and junior high school students.

[ Literary ] Setagaya Literary Museum

At this museum, not only can you read and study - you can experience the charms of literature, introduced from every angle, and from new perspectives. The museum holds unique programs enjoyed by children and adults, including exhibitions and events. Reconnect with a favorite writer; spend time with a moving story. This space is where you can encounter the words, stories and themes that resonate with your heart.

Basic Information

Basic funds 800 million yen
Founded on April 1st, 2003
Chairperson AOYAGI Masanori
Headquarters CarottTower 5F,4-1-1,Taishido,Setagaya-ku,Tokyo,Japan,154-0004
Tel 03-5432-1501 Fax 03-5432-1559
Our Facilities and Divisions SETAGAYA PUBLIC THEATRE
"Seta-on" Setagaya Arts Foundation, Music Division
Lifestyle Design Center
Setagaya Intercultural Center(Crossing Setagaya)
Setagaya Art Museum
Mukai Junkichi Annex
Taiji Kiyokawa Memorial Gallery
Miyamoto Saburo Memorial Museum
Setagaya Literary Museum